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Click on the work below to initiate purchase.  All prices displayed are in Canadian Dollars.  Shipping costs are in additional to the price listed in this page, and will be displayed to you during the time of purchase.

Available now for purchase:
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"The Heart Sutra" (般若波羅蜜多心經)
66 X 35cm. Product Code 2017001 CAD $1000

"The Founding Father's (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's) Will"
(國父遺囑) 35  X  80cm. Product code:2016001
CAD $600

True Charity Leaves No Trace (善行無轍迹)
18 X 75cm. Product code:2015005
CAD $200

"Only through tranquility will one obtain a deep and wide perspective on all matters" (寧靜致遠)  
18 X 67cm. Product code:2016004
CAD $250

Mercy (慈悲)
27  X  22 cm. Product code:2016003
CAD $150

"The Great Path (Tao) is non-action" (大道無為)
18  X  50cm. Product code:2015002
CAD $200

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