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The Founding Father's (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's) Will (國父遺囑)
35  X  80 cm
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The Founding Father's (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's) Will (國父遺囑)
35  X  80cm  in Regular Script (楷書)

Historical Information
This is the will of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen (孫中山, 1866-1925), who is the first president and founding father of the Republic of China (中華民國), presently democratic China in Taiwan.  The original will was written on February 20, 1925, and reflected China's reform was not fully completed when he died of liver cancer in Beijing.  Dr. Sun is still one of the most admired Chinese revolutionaries in contemporary Chinese history and is considered as the "Father of the Nation"(1).  He instigated several uprisings during the late Qing Dynasty period (1890's to early 1900's) and his influence played a significant role in the eventual success in overthrowing the Qing Emperor Puyi in 1911.  He is also the chief architect and proponent of the "Three Principles of the People (三民主義)" which still has a wide influence on today's Chinese as well as other Asian governments (2).

Text translation
"For forty years I have devoted myself to the cause of the National Revolution with but one end in view, the elevation of China to a position of freedom and equality among the nations. My experiences during these forty years have firmly convinced me that to attain this goal we must bring about a thorough awakening of our own people and ally ourselves in a common struggle with those peoples of the world who treat us on the basis of equality.
The work of the Revolution is not yet done. Let all our comrades follow my Plans for National Reconstruction, Fundamentals of National Reconstruction, Three Principles of the People, and The Manifesto of the First National Convention of the Kuomintang, and strive on for their consummation. Above all, our recent declarations in favor of the convocation of a National Convention and abolition of unequal treaties should be carried into effect with the least possible delay. This is my heartfelt charge to you." (3)
(translated by by Frank W. Price)

Personal Comments
Almost one hundred years have passed since Dr. Sun died writing "The work of the Revolution is not yet done" and "bring about a thorough awakening of our own people".  Looking at today's communist China in Mainland, it is hard to determine whether her people has truly "awaken" and it is equally hard to ascertain whether the democratic reforms that Dr. Sun envisioned had truly taken place.  Sadly, both are irrelevant in today's fast-paced materialistic world, since almost everyone is looking for quick profits with only a few asking questions, and even fewer recalling Dr. Sun's ideologies.   

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