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"Cordial and Harmonious" (和氣)
27 X  22 cm
Click to Enlarge. Stored in Taro' Sushi, Toronto, Canada.
Can be requested as a commissioned work here.
Cordial and Harmonious (和氣)
27 X 22cm  in Semi-cursive Script (行書)

This phrase can be used to describe the ideal harmony expected in a family or the warm friendliness to customers or among colleagues in the business setting.  However, in the past, the term is sometimes used to describe the element that constitutes nature(1).

Text translation
Cordial and Harmonious.
(translated by KS Vincent Poon, Oct . 2015)

Personal Comments
True harmony results from mutual respect, equality and justice.  Sadly, the term is now often used as an excuse and a means for authoritative leaders to silence opposition.  This is indeed an abuse of the term since there is no respect for the those who hold different opinions.  In some cases, the oppression is so big that injustice follows which can make an environment extremely disharmonious and unproductive.  A wise leader should therefore treat others as equals and listen particularly to those who hold different opinions.  Not only will this be conducive to harmony, but also to productivity; most proposals are not perfect, so incorporating good ideas from opposition usually yields better results.

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