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“A model of The Yellow Court Classic” (黃庭經)
35  X  60 cm
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A model of The Yellow Court Classic (節臨 黃庭經)
35 X 60cm  in Regular Script (楷書)

Historical Information
The Yellow Court Classic (黄庭经) is a Chinese Taoist Alchemy text which focuses on the internal parts of the body.  The origin of the text remains unknown, but "the first reference to the text appears in the archives of the famous alchemist and collector of Taoist texts, Ge Hong (葛洪) in the 4th century CE" (1).

The original text is extremely cryptic and so not many people today can interpret and understand it properly.  However, in terms of calligraphy, it is an extremely important piece since Wang Xizhi, also known as the Sage of Calligraphy (書聖) wrote the entire text in small regular script (小楷) in AD 356 (2).  This work of Wang Xizhi is considered throughout the ages as the staple work for writing small regular script, and so is a learning example for beginning calligraphers.

Personal Comments
Since the original text is cryptic and full of technical ancient terms from Taoism,  I dare not translate it here.  There are some translations that can be found on the web, but I cannot judge their authenticity so I am not posting their links here.  The calligraphy I did above covers only part of the text and each character is between only 1-1.5cm in height and width.  Note that only regular script characters written smaller than 2cm X 2cm are generally categorized as "small regular script".  

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