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"Live in regularity" (起居有常)
18  X  50 cm
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"Live in regularity" (起居有常)
18  X  50cm  in Regular Script (楷書)

Historical information
The phrase originated from The Emperor's Inner Canon (or Huangdi Neijing, 黃帝內經), which is one of the most important Chinese Medicine textbooks in ancient China(1).  It dispels diseases are caused by demonic forces but rather due to imbalance of the two basic forces, Yin (陰, which refers to the "negative" force of Nature) and Yang (陽, which refers to the "positive" force of Nature).  According to the book, the balance of these forces are affected by diet, lifestyle, emotions, environment.  The book is "said to have been written by the famous Chinese emperor Huangdi (黃帝) around 2600 BC. However, Huangdi is a semi-mythical figure, and the book probably dates from later, around 300 BC and may be a compilation of the writings of several authors."(2)

Text translation
"Live in regularity".  
(translated by KS Vincent Poon, Oct . 2015)

Personal Comments
Note that "Live in regularity" is one of the many elements for longevity according to the book, and is part of the sentence "diet with restraint, live in regularity, work in moderation" (食飲有節,起居有常,不妄作勞).  If you live and work in modern cities, "diet with restraint, live in regularity, work in moderation" are rather difficult to achieve at the same time, especially for the working poor who often hold several jobs.  Their diets are usually unhealthy and they work long hours with ever-changing schedules thanks to cost-cutting measures both in the private and public sectors.  It is then particularly important to help these people and their children since they are already poor and, according to The Emperor's Inner Canon, they most likely also have a shorter lifespan.

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