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1. 錢穆 《中國思想史》, (台北:蘭臺出版社, 2001),p.221- 233:
「中山先生的三民主義,是近代中國新生唯一的啟示,此刻在中國蔓延猖獗的共產主義,最多將是一個有骨骼有血肉的行屍 ……大陸政權正如一塊大石頭,在很高的山上滾下,越接近崩潰的時候,其力量越大……三面紅旗多恐怖,紅衞兵文化大革命多恐怖,下面還有更恐怖的事。」

Chien Mu in 中國思想史 :
"Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Three People's Principles is our only beacon of hope in reviving China.  The current widely popular Communism is, at most, only a walking piece of flesh without a soul.  The Mainland regime (ie. Communist China) is like a big rock rolling down from the top of a high mountain: the more it approaches to the ground where it disintegrates, the more powerful it becomes....How terrifying were the Three Red Banners, and how terrifying were the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution: there will certainly be more terrifying events to come." (interpreted to English by KS Vincent Poon, May 12, 2017)  
「近代中國人看起來似乎聰明﹐實際上很差。中國人本來有智慧﹐可是從民國以來就沒有了。有的只是些小聰明而已。炎黃子孫怎麼會落到這種淺薄的地步呢? 其實也不是說民國以來這六﹑七十年才如此﹐其來也是有自的﹐也可說是由來久矣。只有小聰明而沒有真智慧﹐遇事便沒見識。要不然﹐共黨如何能出來。在一個堂堂的大中華民族中﹐具有五千年的歷史﹐深厚的文化傳統居然會出現像毛澤東這樣的人。簡單是不可思議! 而他竟然出現了﹐你說怪不怪? 就從這一點﹐諸位就可想到﹐這就表示中國人智慧不夠。這是我們這一代炎黃子孫太不肖了。」

Mou Zongsan in 中國文化的省察:牟宗三講演錄 :
"Contemporary Chinese people appear to be intelligent but they are actually quite deplorable. Chinese people were originally very wise, but they lost their wisdom after the establishment of the Republic of China.  Whatever they have now can only be regarded as inconsequential cleverness. How can the Descendants of Yanhuang (ie. Chinese people) fall to such level of superficiality?  In fact, the problem did not arise six, seven or ten years after the establishment of the Republic; the problem is intrinsic and existed many years before that.  When one only possesses inconsequential cleverness without true wisdom, one will not deliver good judgement and possess foresight when facing challenges.  If we did have good judgment, Communists would not have risen among us.  Under the influence of our great traditional Chinese culture with five thousand years of solid and rich history, we nonetheless produced the likes of Mao Zedong.  How absurd and inconceivable!  Yet, he actually appeared to rule us.  Isn't that really odd?  Just from this outcome, one can conclude today's Chinese people do not possess enough wisdom. Indeed, our generation, as Descendants of Yanhuang, is truly a disgrace. (interpreted to English by KS Vincent Poon, May 12, 2017)   
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