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Footnotes on the Historical Background of “A Narrative on Calligraphy”
(i) See "Two Chinese Treatises on Calligraphy" by Chang Ch'ung-ho and Hans H. Frankel (New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 1995).
(ii) See "The Manual of Calligraphy by Sun Guoting of the Tang" by Pietro De Laurentis (Napoli: Universita degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale", 2011).
(iii) The term "" is defined as :
《說文新附‧言部》:“譜,籍錄也。”分類編列以記人物、世系及家族的書籍。清鄭珍《說文新附考》:“譜,《世本》有《帝王譜》、《諸侯譜》、《大夫譜》各篇。 --- (中央研究院 搜詞尋字)
Hence, the term carries the meaning of "recording a certain subject or event in a systematic apporoach".  Since neither "Treatise" nor "Manual" suggests a meaning of recording, "Narrative" should be more appropriate in translating ""  into English in this context.
(v) See
1. 清.朱履貞,《書學捷要》。
2. 朱建新,〈孫過庭書譜評考〉,《孫過庭書譜箋証》
3. 啟功,〈孫過庭書譜考〉,《啟功叢稿》頁六○∼八九。

(vi) 沈尹默在〈歷代家學書經驗談輯要釋義〉中說:“唐朝一代論書法的人,實在不少,其中極有名為眾所知如孫過庭〈書譜〉,這自然是研究書法的人所必須閱讀的文字。”
(vii) See  馬永強《書譜•書譜譯注》(河南美術出版社,1993)
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