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The Immortals by the River (楊慎 臨江仙) 翻譯 英譯 Translation 滾滾長江東逝水 - Vincent's Calligraphy

... their triumphs and failures, all vanish into nothingness in an instant. Yet, the green ... Oct . 2015)Personal CommentsI. On "Immortals" and "Nothingness (空)"The "Immortals" here are certainly the green ... you are, your achievements will vanish into "nothingness (空)" since you cannot carry any of ... are all but illusions. Note that the "nothingness (空)" in the poem carries a significantly ... SignificanceThe concept of considering worldly matters as "nothingness (空)" is very common in classical Chinese ... by, ultimately you realize everything turns into nothingness." (「百年隨手過,萬事轉頭空。」) Song Dynasty's Su Shi (宋 蘇軾,...

The Emperor’s Preface to the Sacred Teachings 雁塔 聖教序 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... the Buddha emphasizes on the concept of nothingness and rides on the principle of an ... and the concept of Karma (因缘/業) and nothingness "空" resonated with many traditional Chinese intellects ... to Buddhists is the Buddhist's concept of "nothingness (空)"; many Christians argue that such concept ... incorrect interpretation of the Buddhist concept of "nothingness(空)". "Nothingness(空)" in Buddhism is merely used to describe ... described to be in a state of "nothingness(空)". It does not certainly exclude existence, but...

Heart Sutra Buddhism 般若波羅蜜多心經 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... the Heart Sutra:a. The Buddhist concept of "Void/Emptiness/Nothingness (空)""Void/Emptiness/Nothingness(空)" in Buddhism does not mean non-existence (不存在). ... For further discussion on the concept of "Void/Nothingness(空)" in traditional Chinese culture and Christianity please...

Videos - Vincent's Calligraphy

... the video is "Ultimately, everything turns into nothingness" (畢竟總成空) extracted from Wei Han Zhang (韋瀚章)'s...
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