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Huai Su's Autobiography or Autobiography of Huai Su 懷素自叙帖 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... and structures of (my) script; Superintendent [Imperial Censor] Li Zhou wrote, 「昔張旭之作也,時人謂之張顛。今懷素 之為也,余實謂之狂僧。以狂繼顛,誰曰不可?」 “Back then, Zhang ... replace (Huai Su’s styles).” 許御史瑤云:「志在新奇無定則,古瘦灕驪半無墨。醉來信手 兩三行,醒後卻書書不得。」 Superintendent [Imperial Censor] Xu Yao wrote, “(Huai Su’s) artistic aspirations ... when (he) later sobered up.” 戴御史叔倫云:「心手相師勢轉奇,詭形恠狀翻合宜。人人欲問此中妙,懷素自言初不知。」 Superintendent [Imperial Censor] Dai Shulun wrote, “(His) mind commands (his) ... One such was written by Superintendent [Imperial Censor] Dou Ji: “A plain white wall stood ... his script characters in all directions.” 戴公又云:「馳豪驟墨劇奔駟,滿座失聲看不及。」 Superintendent [Imperial Censor] Dai [Dai Shulun] also wrote, “(Huai Su’s)...

Eulogy on the Chronicle of Ni Kuan (Comments on the Chronicle of Ni Kuan) 倪寬贊 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... certain terms and topics are blacklisted or censored in Communist Chinese search engines, newspapers, and ... harmony" (10,11,12,13); and those who oppose such censorship usually face severe punishments (14,15). Perhaps...
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