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Eulogy on the Chronicle of Ni Kuan (Comments on the Chronicle of Ni Kuan) 倪寬贊 翻譯 英譯 Translation - Vincent's Calligraphy

... Gu (班固, 32–92). Mirroring Sima Qian's (司馬遷, 145-86BC) renowned historical textRecords of the Grand ... Tang were adept in crafting policies and lawmaking;文章則司馬遷、相如,the proficient writers were Sima Qian and Sima...

Footnotes on A Narrative on Calligraphy Part II - Vincent's Calligraphy

... Xianyi Yang and Gladys Yang. Source: 司馬遷《史記》卷七項羽本紀。 香港: 廣智書局,出版年份缺,p.1。 BACK TO THESIS
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