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A model of Cao Quan Stele (臨"曹全碑")
68  X  45 cm
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A model of Cao Quan Stele (曹全碑)
68  X  45cm  in Clerical Script (隸書)

Historical information
The original Cao Quan Stele  (a stele is a stone tablet inscribed with words) was made and installed in the Han Dynasty (185 AD) in memory of Cao Quan, a virtuous  officer of the Han Dynasty.  The content of the stele recorded Cao Quan's life, his achievements as well as his ancestry.  The Cao Quan Stele is considered as the prime example of Han clerical script and is known for its elegance and beauty.  The identity of the calligrapher, however, remains unknown.  The original stone is now stored in Xian's Forest of  Stone Steles Museum (1)(2).  A photo of the original stele can be seen here.

About this work
Presented on the left is my calligraphy on the first seventy-seven words of the total nine hundred words in the original Cao Quan Stele.  This part of the text documents Cao Quan's given name, place of birth of Duanhuang, and his illustrious ancestry.

Personal Comments
Reading  biographical steles always remind me of "what you do is more important  than what you possess".  History often records what you did but not what  you had: a few can recall the richest man in the 18th century, but many  can tell Beethoven was one of the greatest composers in that era. In  Chinese, this type of philosophy can be summarized as "萬般帶不走,唯有業隨身 " ("myriads of possessions shall be left behind, only deeds shall accompany you to afterlife").

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